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The traditional peasant breakfast

We resume one of our articles from quite a while back, which we would like to propose you once again with the new safe hospitality rules: “Here at Cascina La Commenda we like to step back in time, especially at breakfast time. Each time we prepare breakfast, we think of how our grandfather would have made it, with simple but nourishing ingredients. But what was the traditional peasant breakfast like? A brief introduction: until a few decades ago, peasants actually used to have two breakfasts. The first was light and early in the morning: a coffee and then off to milk the cows or work in […]

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cascina la commenda - autumn traditional soups

Autumn traditional soups

After a long and hot summer that seemed to be endless, autumn has come with cool air and warm colours. Autumn vegetables like pumpkins and cabbages are growing in our garden, and in the kitchen we start cooking seasonal soups. Which are our traditional autumn soups? Today, as we speak about soups, we mean that dish made with chopped or pureed vegetables, with or without meat. Recipes follow the seasons and the abundance of the garden. In any case, ingredients are cooked in the water. Here comes the first surprise.   Soups with milk Once upon a time, soups were […]

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Cuneo Bike Experience: our services for bike travellers

The 9th of July was the day of the Granfondo Fausto Coppi, one of the most important Italian bicycle races, that starts from Cuneo and climbs up in the surrounding valleys. Here at Cascina La Commenda we had the honour (and the responsibility) to prepare a rich energetic breakfast for some racers, with cold cuts, cheese, eggs, pasta, yogurt, fruit salad. We hope they got the right amount of energy! We always care about those who travel by bike, and we are now part of Cuneo Bike Experience, a brand new network of facilities to make every bike travel safe […]

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We are now members of the new Enjoy Bisalta Association

We are very proud to be part of Enjoy Bisalta a brand new association that gathers accommodation and catering activities of Peveragno, Chiusa Pesio, Beinette and Boves to boost the territory and its features. Enjoy Bisalta brings together farms, bed & breakfasts, restaurants, trattorias, cafés, pubs, campings and holiday homes that believe in the potential of the surroundings of the Bisalta mount, in its beauty and its authenticity. We live in a place very rich in potential: we are near Cuneo, in the heart of the Maritime Alps, near the Langhe hills and the Ligurian sea, but also not far […]

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Springtime in the countryside

“Marzo pazzerello, aprile con l’ombrello”. Literally: crazy March, rainy April. That is what we usually say in the springtime. May has come but the weather hasn’t stopped being crazy. We were about to set tables and chairs in the courtyard, when we were suddenly forced to cook some hot polenta. We had just lighted up the fireplace, when sun and warm weather come back. And most of all, this crazy spring weather has delayed all our gardening activities. In the last weeks it has been raining and it was quite cold, so we had to wait to plant our vegetables. […]

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cascina la commenda happy easter

Happy Easter in Peveragno!

Agriturismo Cascina La Commenda wishes you to spend a beautiful Easter among family, friends and nature! Spring has come and nature is becoming colorful. What about having a walk among meadows and flowers in Peveragno? San Giorgio hill (654 mslm) San Giorgio hill watches over Peveragno. You can reach its peak and its chapel directly from Cascina La Commenda (by crossing a wood and some fields), or from the centre of Peveragno. The trail starts from the parking at the end of via San Giorgio and it climbs up the hill through terraces, small huts, pergolas and blooming trees. Follow […]

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Work in progress in our farmstead: new room coming soon!

With the beginning of 2017 we decided to complete the renovation of our farmstead. We are renovate the old barn: a long room with barrel vault and a view on the porch. We would like to create a cozy and multifunctional place where our guests can spend their time with friends and good food. We took inspiration from ancient countryside kitchens, the heart of every house. The kitchen was the place where the fire and the pantry were kept, and where all the generations of the family gathered. Kids were playing while the mum cooked and the grandmother sewed and […]

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Cycling holidays and motorbike tours starting from Cascina La Commenda

Dear cyclists and bikers, this post is for you! Did you know that Cascina La Commenda is right between Maritime Alps, Langhe hills and Liguria? And we have a parking and a workshop for your bikes and motorbikes? If you look at the map of Cuneo and its county, you will see the Alps at the West, the Langhe hills at the East, Liguria at the South, Cascina la Commenda right in the middle. Peveragno is very central and ideal for exploring the area. If you are traveling both by bike or by motorbike, Cascina la Commenda will be the […]

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Snow, sun and alpine architecture: two tips for winter hikes

These February days are getting warmer and longer, and we already feel the spring coming. Though, you are still on time for a hike with your snowshoes. Today we will talk about two beautiful winter hikes that are perfect for enjoying sunny slopes and discover the features of alpine architecture. San Bernolfo, Stura Valley Let’s start from the hamlet of San Bernolfo (Stura Valley), that you can reach in one hour and a half walking (or skiing) on the cross-country skiing trail that starts from Bagni di Vinadio. It is an easy trip and the difference is small. The trail […]

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Once upon a breakfast time

Once upon a (breakfast) time

Here at Cascina La Commenda we like to step back in time, especially at breakfast time. Each time we prepare breakfast, we think of how our grandfather would have done it, with simple but nourishing ingredients. Let’s start with a premise: peasants actually used to have two breakfasts. The former was light and very early in the morning, before milking the cows or working in the fields. Working was a priority. The latter breakfast was later in the morning and was the most important meal of the day. It was a reward for the hard work of the early morning […]

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Welcome to the new website of Cascina La Commenda!

Santa Claus has never been so generous with us: this Christmas he brought us a brand new website! Here you will find information about our farmstead, our rooms and the places to visit around us. And that’s not all: we are starting a blog where you will read about daily life at La Commenda and traditions, but also trips, places and events all around. A huge thank you to Santa Claus and his helpers, namely all the Web&Tech Solutions staff in Cuneo. We want to prove that we do deserve this present, so we will immediately start writing. Before we publish […]

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