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The traditional peasant breakfast

We resume one of our articles from quite a while back, which we would like to propose you once again with the new safe hospitality rules: “Here at Cascina La Commenda we like to step back in time, especially at breakfast time. Each time we prepare breakfast, we think of how our grandfather would have made it, with simple but nourishing ingredients. But what was the traditional peasant breakfast like? A brief introduction: until a few decades ago, peasants actually used to have two breakfasts. The first was light and early in the morning: a coffee and then off to milk the cows or work in […]

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Springtime in the countryside

“Marzo pazzerello, aprile con l’ombrello”. Literally: crazy March, rainy April. That is what we usually say in the springtime. May has come but the weather hasn’t stopped being crazy. We were about to set tables and chairs in the courtyard, when we were suddenly forced to cook some hot polenta. We had just lighted up the fireplace, when sun and warm weather come back. And most of all, this crazy spring weather has delayed all our gardening activities. In the last weeks it has been raining and it was quite cold, so we had to wait to plant our vegetables. […]

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Our philosophy in the kitchen

Genuine and authentic are the keywords of our philosophy both in the garden and in the kitchen. Our guests will enjoy a homemade breakfast and, on reservation, dinner, prepared just like our grandfather would have done. Genuine ingredients: we deeply respect biodiversity, indigenous varieties and the cycle of seasons. We choose to grow indigenous crops, which are lush and don’t need chemicals, which makes their produce healthy and tasty. We use simple ingredients for our meals: potatoes, vegetables, chestnuts, indigenous fruits such as quinces, Martin sec pears, ramasin plums, orange berries. Cereals such as rye, wheat and corn are unrefined and […]

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