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Cuneo Bike Experience: our services for bike travellers

The 9th of July was the day of the Granfondo Fausto Coppi, one of the most important Italian bicycle races, that starts from Cuneo and climbs up in the surrounding valleys. Here at Cascina La Commenda we had the honour (and the responsibility) to prepare a rich energetic breakfast for some racers, with cold cuts, cheese, eggs, pasta, yogurt, fruit salad. We hope they got the right amount of energy! We always care about those who travel by bike, and we are now part of Cuneo Bike Experience, a brand new network of facilities to make every bike travel safe […]

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Cycling holidays and motorbike tours starting from Cascina La Commenda

Dear cyclists and bikers, this post is for you! Did you know that Cascina La Commenda is right between Maritime Alps, Langhe hills and Liguria? And we have a parking and a workshop for your bikes and motorbikes? If you look at the map of Cuneo and its county, you will see the Alps at the West, the Langhe hills at the East, Liguria at the South, Cascina la Commenda right in the middle. Peveragno is very central and ideal for exploring the area. If you are traveling both by bike or by motorbike, Cascina la Commenda will be the […]

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Cyclists will find many roads and paths to enjoy plain, hill and mountain landscapes. Starting from Cascina La Commenda and Peveragno, many country roads will lead you from one farm to another, and the more you climb up to the Bisalta slopes, the more dirt tracks you will find. What about a ride on the hills? Langhe and Roero are perfect then! You will find colorful vineyards, peaks and troughs roads, breathtaking views on the Unesco landscapes: many good reasons for a bike ride. Not to mention restaurants and wine cellars in every village, so why not making a gourmand stop? Those […]

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