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The Farmstead


The Farmstead and the Estate

The farmstead is made of four buildings: the actual house and the barn were built in the XVI Century; then, at the beginning of the XX Century, came the porch and the house that has been converted into our nine rooms.

Guests will enjoy relaxing or playing in the large courtyard, reading in the veranda, park their bikes and motorbikes on the porch. Our farmstead is totally architectural barrier-free.

The vegetable garden and the orchard give us excellent ingredients for our meals. Our border collies Fido and Kira, our cats, our donkeys Copine and Geraldine, and the hens giving us eggs everyday are all part of our family. Your animals are welcome.

The Farm

Cascina La Commenda is a farm extending over an area of about 20 hectares, 8 of which are grown with cereals, wheat and corn right around the farmstead. Most cereals are sold immediately after the harvest. A small part of them, however, consists of ancient and indigenous varieties and we use them to make flour for bread, cakes, pies, and polenta. Flour is ground by a water-powered mill in Dronero, not far from us, and we sell them all year.

A small orchard and a vegetable garden next to the farmstead provide organic fruit and vegetables in season, and we also use them to make jams and pickled vegetables. Our orchard is full of indigenous varieties of fruit. A few kilometres away we have a small forest of chestnut trees, where we get both chestnut and firewood.

Naturalness is essential for our health and for the taste of our products. We deeply respect the cycle of seasons and the biodiversity of our territory. We use chemicals allowed in organic farming strictly when necessary.

We focus on health both in farming and in our cuisine: we cook meals like our grandfather would have done, we use simple ingredients and we make tasty, fragrant and healthy dishes.

Event Location

Cascina La Commenda has large and versatile spaces that are perfect for any kind of event: weddings, theme parties, conferences, live music, dance shows. In the summertime you can rent part of our farmstead: the porch, the ancient barn, an indoor room and the large courtyard. All spaces can be customized and can be used also in case of bad weather. Live music is allowed until 1.00 am (in accordance with the regulations on outdoor music). Contact our trusted catering services or suppliers for the catering.

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